L. J. Goody Bioehtics Centre
An agency of the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth providing consultation, education and research in ethical aspects of contemporary health care practice and public health policy for the people of Western Australia. Our services include
  • confidential free personal consultancy
  • on-call clinical ethics service
  • education programs (tertiary level and adult modes)
  • specialised library in bioethics and Catholic moral theology
News, local information and contacts can be found on the left side of this page, with basic resources and information on current ethical issues on the right side. Explore our site and let us know how we can improve it for your benefit, or contact us with your inquiry.

Our Logo: Perth, Western Australia, sits on the beautiful Swan River which is an important transport route and a lifeline for the city. The wave pattern on our logo evokes the Swan, whose currents and swells can make sailing difficult even as it supports a complex web of life.

Having to make an important medical, personal or other decision can cause us to feel excited and hopeful, or anxious and fearful. Beneath the currents and eddies of our moral life, ethics can provide practical frameworks of reason that help us cut through complex situations to determine which values and options we ought to choose and which we ought to avoid.

30 Jan 2015 : New Website in the Pipeline !
The L J Goody Bioethics Centre Website is due for a major revamp. Our aim is to provide you with high quality, relevant information and to make it as accessible as possible. Until the new site is up and running, we will be suspending updates to the "What's New" bites on this homepage. All other information and resources will continue to be updated on the current site, until the new site is ready. [And the new site will be accessible through the existing url: www.bioethicsperth.org.au] .
29 Jan 2015 :
28 Jan 2015 :