L. J. Goody Bioehtics Centre
Ethics Committees
L J Goody Bioethics Centre staff currently assist the following ethics committees in Perth, Western Australia:
MercyCare Ethics Committee
Organisation: Mercy Hospital

Contact Phone Email
Sharon Oddy (Sec.) (08) 9370 9290
St John of God Ethics Committee
Organisation: St John of God Health Care

Contact Phone Email
Gorette de Jesus (EO) (08) 9382 6940
Prof Con Michael (Chair)
Reproductive Technology Council
Organisation: Health Department WA (HDWA)

Contact Phone Email
Assoc. Prof Maureen Harris,
Senior Policy Officer
(08) 9222 4222
Prof Con Michael (Chair)
Women's and Children's Health Clinical Ethics Service
Organisation: Princess Margaret Hospital

Contact Phone Email
Karen Taylor (Sec) (08) 9340 8221
Maurice Spillane (Chair)